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Welcome to Derive Home, where your dream events come to life with an artistic touch and personalized flair. Derive Home is not just an event design company; it's a realm where creativity meets elegance, and your visions are transformed into reality. Specializing in custom-engraved event mirrors, we offer a unique element that adds a personal and sophisticated touch to any gathering.


Request engraving on everyday surfaces like apparel, textiles, custom couture, glassware, wood surfaces, and awards to name a few ideas. Impress with home decor and personalized gifts that leave a lasting impression you and your guests.


Elevate your home or workspace with meaningful sayings and images that remind you daily who you are and what you want to be. Whether you say it with sass or sophistication, style your space with our custom mirrors.


Fill your home with lasting personality through intentional design like tile etchings, floor board monograms, vintage doors engravings, permanent windows etchings, and more. Surround yourself with subtle touches that mean everything.

Like a tattoo,but better

Laser Engraving

Utilizing open architecture laser engraving, Derive takes ordinary decor to the extraordinary. Through speciality techniques and playful ingenuity, we expand what is possible for custom decor, branding, and social event decor.

Our Passion

Interior Design From the Heart

Specializing in custom creations and curated aesthetics, we believe you should feel an instant happiness upon entering your home and a lasting sense of warmth and belonging.